Matt Tenny established MT Spouting in 2016, as a natural progression of his passion for energy efficiency, technology, and sustainability. Growing up in Camp Hill and now residing in the Linglestown area, Tenny was exposed to a lifetime of construction know-how as the son of a home builder. His interest in energy savings grew as he realized most homes were built to address only about half of their true energy efficiency capabilities.

While lungs are essential to the health and function of the body, a building’s HVAC, insulation, and spouting are essential to the comfort, health, and safety of people living in the home. Matt Tenny and his team at MT Building Services believe not only in providing innovative service, but in educating their customers how to use their equipment for maximum efficiency and healthy living.


MT Spouting is a local full-service spouting contractor serving the greater Harrisburg and Johnstown areas. We provide maintenance, repair, and installation services for residential and small commercial buildings. We are committed to an exceptional service experience and true customer care.


Try a different approach to service for your spouting and gutters. We don’t try to sell you what you don’t need. We teach you how to keep what you can save. Backed by our sister companies, MT Heating and Cooling, MT Insulation, and MT Weatherization, we provide mastery-level knowledge of building science. We understand the best solutions to keep water away from your roof, walls, windows, doors, foundation, and basement.


We believe in what we do. Our future depends on reducing energy consumption, conserving natural resources and alleviating strain on local power production facilities. We have the expertise to do both: help the earth and help your home.

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